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Afraz Advisers is a fast growing oil and gas specialist corporate and strategic advisory firm. The team and industrial partners have extensive industry experience and have advised resources companies throughout Europe, the Middle East and CIS.

Afraz Advisers has a specialised ability to advise on Iran. In this area we are focused on helping our clients to fully prepare and position for a potential Iranian opening, as and when sanctions are removed.

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He left the energy services industry in Aberdeen in 2011 to join BP exploration and production in London. He recognised the real prospect of Iranian market opening in December 2013 and left BP to set up Afraz Advisers a week after the first successful deal had been negotiated by the P5+1 and Iran in Geneva in November 2013.

He set out to build a company that would help oil companies and service providers to prepare for a successful market entry.


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Our clients include IOCs, mid-caps and E&P companies positioning for an Iranian opening.

We have a dedicated team in Tehran and London with combined fifty years of experience working in upstream oil and gas in Iran, with extensive track record of formerly working with and at the National Iranian Oil Company, IOCs and service companies.

13 Radnor Walk, London, SW3 4BP, United Kingdom
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